Fiona Malikoff

LDEV-4531 Essay Question displays 8 rows for text entry

LDEV-4532 Burning Questions accessible on iPad

Also did the same fix to similar entries in authoring to ensure

they would work on an iPad

LDEV-4529 Notification lesson list restricted on Monitor access

LDEV-4528 Empty Courses can only have not started notifications

LDEV-4527: Added Portraits to Learner Search screen

LDEV-4526: Email calculations support learners with no ratings.

LDEV-4525 Fixed Reflection issues

LDEV-4524 Monitoring Task Item List loads correctly

This screen also missed being bootstrapped so the layout is

updated. Also fixed a bug that stopped the Task Item list loading

for a learner entered task if the Monitor had gone into Edit

Activity and saved the activity.

LDEV-4522 Emojis not displaying correctly in monitoring

Also fixed some general escaping issues found while testing.

LDEV-4522 Emojis not displaying correctly in monitoring

Also fixed some general escaping issues found while testing.

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LDEV-4501 Merge work replacing audit logs with LogEvent entries

Resolved conflicts for lams.jar and the Admin language file.

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LDEV-4501 Debugging removed for merge to master.

LDEV-4521 Updating user does not trigger index error

LDEV-4505 Learner names in monitoring are Lastname, Firstname

LDEV-4505 Learners identified by Lastname, Surname in Monitoring

LDEV-4501 Gradebook audit log entry parameter order corrected

LDEV-4501 All Audit Log entries are now Log Event entries

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LDEV-4503 All http resources on a https server open in a popup

LDEV-4514 Greek names appear in notification window correctly.

Also added some HTML escaping to the display of the leader's name

in tool messages.

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LDEV-4510 Small authoring template UI tweaks

Minimise/Grow buttons, scroll to new fields and number of groups

defaults to 2.

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LDEV-4515 Profile, Authoring window correct size for Purple theme

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Create an Authoring based team based learning design template

LDEV-4510 TBL authoring template introduction text I18n'd

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LDEV-4510 Team based learning template added to authoring

Look and feel done, validation working.

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LDEV-4501 Tool context files no longer reference audit service.

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LDEV-4501 First cut of audit log screen implemented.

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LDEV-4502: Google content shows in popup window

Merge branch LDEV-4499

LDEV-4499 Answers are timestamped in the export spreadsheet

LDEV-4498 Portrait displayed on user search screen.