Andrey Balan

Merge branch 'LDEV-4441'

LDEV-4441 CKEditor bootsnippets plugin to support i18n

Make bootsnippets plugin to support i18n. Besides of the plugin's

internal labels, we're also going to translate labels from

/lams_www/web/public/ckeditor-templates/bootsnippets.js (but only

snippets' titles).

LDEV-4438 Remove unique constraint added in the previous patch

The new constraint handles all problematic cases including the one with

copying results from leaders. Thus we no longer need

UQ_tl_laasse10_assessment_result_4 (assessment_uid, user_uid,

finish_date) constraint.

LDEV-4438 fix autopatch script typo

Merge branch 'LDEV-4438'

LDEV-4438 Add unique constraint (assessment_uid, user_uid, latest)

Add unique constraint (assessment_uid, user_uid, latest) to

tl_laasse10_assessment_result which will apply only in case latest=1. It

was done by making 'latest' field contain only NULL or 1 (as opposite to

the previously used 0 or 1). This way constraint will apply only in

cases when 'latest' is 1.

Merge branch 'LDEV-4432'

LDEV-4432 Solve the problem with dialog's checkbox gets focused on start

Solved by adding an empty <div> to the beginning of the dialog and

marking this div as required to be focused.

Merge branch 'LDEV-4433'

LDEV-4433 Move simplified activities info to Lesson summary tab

Besides, display info only for those activities that have numeric

outputs (which are Assessment, MCQ or Sratchie. Also activity must be

set to produce tool outputs in Authoring)

LDEV-4433 Add 'Simplified activity' tab to the lesson gradebook export

Merge branch 'LDEV-4429'

4429 Fix the JS error when saving image without classes

The issue arises on saving image and specifying no classes at all.

LDEV-4432 Introduce config file for bootsnippets CKEditor plugin

Config file is located in

/lams-www/www/public/ckeditor-templates/bootsnippets.js (if the path

will be altered, it needs to be updated in ckconfig_custom.js). Contains

list of Bootstrap snippets with all required images and CSS files.

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LDEV-4432 Add new CKEditor plugin for working with Bootsrap snippets

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LDEV-4432 Create plugin that will handle editing of Bootsrap panels

The name of the plugin is 'bootpanel' and it allows editing some of

panel's properties including making them clickable.

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Merge branch 'LDEV-4429'

LDEV-4429 Add jqeury.js and bootstrap.min.js scripts to preview page

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LDEV-4429 Add 'classes' field to image2 plugin

LDEV-4429 Open JLatexmath dialog when clicking on its image

LDEV-4429 Modify html5audio plugin

Add support for double click event. Also add padding around widget to

increate area where user can double click and right click when trying to

open html5audio dialog

LDEV-4429 Modify bootstrapTabs plugin

The "element.getAscendant"'s function that was specified in Double click

and contextMenu listener methods were replaced with the following:

return !( element instanceof CKEDITOR.dom.document ) &&

element.hasClass('bootstrap-tabs') ;

As otherwise it always false positively determined there is a tabs

element in CKEditor canvas (due to LAMS header containing a tab).

LDEV-4429 Add html5audio and bootstrapTabs plugins

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LDEV-4429 Preview should show text on a white background

Don't add class to the resulted preview body. It can be achieved by

removing the following line

,d.getAttribute("class")&&(b+='class\x3d"'+d.getAttribute("class")+'" ')

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Merge branch 'LDEV-4428'

LDEV-4428 Make extraPlugin setting contain only extra plugins

LDEV-4428 Start supporting cy and id languages in CKEditor

LDEV-4428 Add emojione and autoembed plugins

Both plugins were added as integrated plugins (so no need to specify

them as extraPlugins). At the same time Emojione button replaced Smiley


As a side note, when adding Emojione plugin as integrated one, its icon

gets incorporated into icons.png incorrectly (the size of the icon is

much bigger than 16 px) that's why it doesn't get displayed at all. So

we need to tweak editor.css and replace CSS rule for

.cke_button__emojione_icon with the following:

.cke_button__emojione_icon {background:

url(../../plugins/emojione/icons/emojione.png?t=dee79e2) no-repeat 0 0

!important; background-size: 100% !important;}

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LDEV-4428 Revive "Preview" button

In order to make Preview feature available in inline mode, Preview

plugin needed to be tweaked. To achieve it the next command

"a.elementMode!=CKEDITOR.ELEMENT_MODE_INLINE&&(" was removed from the

ckeditor.js; precisely from that line:


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Merge branch 'LDEV-4428'