Andrey Balan

Merge branch 'LDEV-4627'

LDEV-4627 Set country and locale for users created via integrations

New locale detecting algorithm:

1. Check whether we have exactly the same locale. If we do - select it.

2. Grab the first two letters of the provided locale (which we assume to

be the language code), and map it to one of our locales of the

respective language. If we have multiple ones - choose the first one

from the list indiscriminately.

3. If we don't have locale of such language - use the server default


LDEV-4627 Courses doesn't have specific locale any longer

LDEV-4627 Make sure country has an appropriate value

LDEV-4634 Update response in case answer hasn't been changed

Otherwise we end up loosing new values for confidence level and attempt


LDEV-4627 Fix the issue of not passing "lang" parameter

There was an exception thrown on accessing LoginRequest with

missing lang parameter (i.e. URL doesn't contain lang parameter at all)

Merge branch 'LDEV-4630'

LDEV-4630 Ensure Moodle passes locale and country params properly

LDEV-4630 Ensure BB passes locale and country params properly

Merge branch 'LDEV-4631'

LDEV-4631 Set server timezone for users created via integrations/spreadsheet and signup pages

LDEV-4631 Prevent accidental storing of timezone as JVM one

LDEV-4608 Burning qs: collapse/expand to work in coordination

LDEV-4628 Set default timezone when creating a user

* Also fix an issue with storing server'd timezone containing

"+", e.g. "ETC+4"

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Merge branch 'LDEV-4624'

LDEV-4624 Signup page to use system language for country list

LDEV-4610 Remove testing message

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Merge branch 'LDEV-4621'

LDEV-4621 Release marks auto pushes marks to gradebook now

* Release marks needs to be a "state" within the tool rather than

something that is transient. If this option is marks are already

released, then marks entered in Forum monitor should be auto pushed to

monitor and disclosed to students via forum learner.

* Also once you release marks you should not be able to unrelease them.

* Log mark released event

LDEV-4621 Minor code formatting

LDEV-4619 Encode properly inline files

It seems, setting charset=UTF-8 makes sense only for txt files.

However, we will set it for files of all mime types.

LDEV-4623 Remove duplicate checkbox

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Merge branch 'LDEV-4618'

LDEV-4618 Fixing "removeLearnerFile is not defined" JS error

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Merge branch 'LDEV-4614'

LDEV-4614 Sort country list by name rather than code

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Merge branch 'LDEV-4620'

LDEV-4620 Include tool name to a log event description

Merge branch 'LDEV-4620'

LDEV-4620 Submit Files tool to log release marks event