Andrey Balan

Merge branch 'LDEV-4520'

LDEV-4520 Reimplement student choices page in case of Assessment iRA

It should follow the format of Student choices page in case of MCQ iRA.

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LDEV-4520 Fix export excel feature for AEs tab

LDEV-4520 Fix several CSS issues

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LDEV-4520 Change the way TBL activity is detected

TBL activity should contain the following sequence Grouping->(MCQ or

Assessment)->Leader Selection->Scratchie but it might have some other

gates or activities in the middle though.

LDEV-4520 Stop showing n/a column in iRA's student's choices

Instead show percentages as floats with 2 decimal places.

Merge branch 'LKC-89'

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LKC-89 add labels

To be able to use them even before they will be added to i18n server

LKC-89 Add TBL Monitoring code specific for the tools

Add TblMonitoringAction classes and /tblmonitoring/*.jsps to the

tools projects. They will be consumed solely by lams_monitoring

to generate tool specific content required for TBL Monitoring.

Tools themselves won't use those classes and jsps.

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LKC-89 Move TBL Monitoring interface from lams-private

Add a switch that would display TBL UI monitoring interface. It

should be available only to the TBL template lessons.

Besides, modify the TBL UI monitor as in some cases the iRA (the first

assessment is not only just MCQ, but Assessment). So the change would be

to add as iRA the first assessment activity whether this is MCQ or


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LKC-89 Avoid JS exception if sequenceInfoDialog is not available

LKC-89 add auxiliary methods required for TBL monitoring

LKC-89 introduce chart.js library required for TBL monitoring

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Merge branch 'LDEV-4512'

LDEV-4512 Calculate lessonMaxPossibleMark properly

Take into account whether learning design uses grade weights.

LDEV-4512 Move isWeightedMarks method to LamsCoreToolService

Move isWeightedMarks(LearningDesign design) from GradebookService

to LamsCoreToolService in order to avoid creation of a new

dependency on lams_gradebook.

LDEV-4512 Use toolService.getLessonMaxPossibleMark() method

Start using already existing service method.

Merge branch 'LDEV-4506'

LDEV-4506 Prevent exception after user resubmits results using two tabs

CLOUD-85 Improvements to login.jsp

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LDEV-4496 People from the same group get the "same shuffle"

CLOUD-85 Set lessonlams user email as the one from Google account

Merge branch 'CLOUD-85'

CLOUD-85 Update 3rd party SSO

Twitter, Google and Facebook acounts can be used again for signing

in to LessonLAMS.

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Merge branch 'LDEV-4494'

LDEV-4494 Avoid cloning/importing lessons created by old NTU plugin

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LDEV-4478 Bump the version to 1.2.26

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Merge branch 'CLOUD-86'

CLOUD-86 add ability for learners to join self-signup lessons

It was impossible for a learner to join a self-signup lesson if he

was already logged in to lessonlams.

CLOUD-85 Take care ab old existing users

As long as old users doesn't have salt and have their passwords

encrypted with sha1, we should take care about such cases.