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Merge to lams31 after a vital commit to master

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LDEV-4634 Update response in case answer hasn't been changed

Otherwise we end up loosing new values for confidence level and attempt


Merge branch 'LDEV-4609'

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Monthly merge from master to lams31









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LDEV-4402 Upgrade to MySQL 8.0.11

LDEV-4440, LDEV-4400 Add collections4 library required by Apache POI

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Merge branch 'LDEV-4617'

LDEV-4617 Implement full email verification on sign up

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LDEV-4627 Fix the issue of not passing "lang" parameter

There was an exception thrown on accessing LoginRequest with

missing lang parameter (i.e. URL doesn't contain lang parameter at all)

LDEV-4617 Inform a new user that a verification email will be sent

LDEV-4617 Add an option to enable email verification on sign up

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LDEV-4609 Write archived attempts in gray in gradebook

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LDEV-4609 Sort attempts in reverse order

LDEV-4609 Adjust restart date with time zone

LDEV-4609 Sort attempts in reverse order

It was implemented from the start, but our Java -> jqGrid XML conversion

method sorts the rows in ascending order by default.

LDEV-4633: Increase height on profile window so no need for scrolling

Merge branch 'LDEV-4630'

LDEV-4630 Ensure Moodle passes locale and country params properly

LDEV-4630 Ensure BB passes locale and country params properly

Merge branch 'LDEV-4631'

LDEV-4631 Set server timezone for users created via integrations/spreadsheet and signup pages

LDEV-4631 Prevent accidental storing of timezone as JVM one

Merge branch 'LDEF-4627'

LDEV-4627 Accept country in integrations servlet

If a received langIsoCode is just 2 letters, then countryIsoCode stays

the same and country will fall back to default. If langIsoCode is en_AU,

then it gets split to langIsoCode and countryIsoCode and the old value

of countryIsoCode is considered country.

LDEV-4608 Burning qs: collapse/expand to work in coordination

LDEV-4628 Set default timezone when creating a user

* Also fix an issue with storing server'd timezone containing

"+", e.g. "ETC+4"

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LDEV-4625 Use the default country when creating a new user by sysadmin

LDEV-4625 Make server country configurable

Also use default country in integrations

LDEV-4625 Use default country configured on server

Merge branch 'LDEV-4626'