Ernie Ghiglione

LDEV-4054: updating Greek

CLOUD-85: updating lessonlams logo

CLOUD-85 Improvements to login.jsp

Changed http to https resources on page so it can run over SSL without browser issues.

CLOUD-87: Adding terms and conditions

Adding terms and conditions pages and login link

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LDEV-4054: Updating Greek

Updating Greek

LDEV-4446: display bigger picture

Display bigger picture when changing portrait

LDEV-4469: change to jpg instead of png

Store all portrait images as jpgs instead of PNG. See LDEV-4479

LDEV-4366: Adding label

LDEV-4054: Updating greek

LDEV-4436: adding label to i18n

LDEV-4054: Updating Greek

LDEV-4449: adding label

LDEV-4460: Adding labels

LDEV-4366: Adding labels

LDEV-4366: adding labels

LDEV-4453: adding labels

Adding labels to central and learning

LDEV-4463: Separate first and lastname

LDEV-3164: removing MaxPermSize

Removing MaxPermSize as it's deprecated in Java 8. Increasing the memory allocation

LDEV-4451: modifying labels

LDEV-4366: Small UI change

LDEV-4408 adding missing labels

Adding missing label for deleting user sessions

LDEV-4054: Updating Greek

Updating greek

LDEV-4443: Ooops

swap file shouldn't have been committed. Too many terminals open :-)

LDEV-4443: warning when editing activity that has been already used.

Currently when editing an assessment or voting activity in monitor, if an answer is changed, the data associated with that question is removed.

So if students have already completed the activity, their answers/marks will be removed and will shown as not answered.

We currently give no warning to monitors when they do this, so we should.

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NTU-14: updating ckconfig file for NTU

Recently we have upgraded our CKEditor to the latest stable version (see LDEV-4428), as such quite a few changes required, therefore the need to upgrade this file to ensure that NTU customisations still work

LDEV-4054: Updating translations

Updating Greek

LDEV-4054: Updating translations

Updating English and Spanish for various projects

LDEV-4054: Adding Greek

Adding Greek to peer review tool

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LDEV-4054: Updating translations

Updating Greek and Norwegian

LDEV-4054: Updating translations

Updating English, Greek and Norwegian