Ernie Ghiglione

LDEV-4633: Increase height on profile window so no need for scrolling

LDEV-4624: adding lams.jar

LDEV-4605: Adding missing labels

LDEV-4607 LDEV-4593 and LDEV-4614

Adding policy and consent labels, No score labels for gradebook in authoring, removing country labels as they moved to lams_common

LDEV-4593: Adding English labels. LDEV-4605: removing country list from admin

LDEV-4593: Adding Spanish labels

LDEV-4614: Moving labels around

Moving labels for countries out of lams_admin and lams_central to lams_common instead.

LDEV-4611: minor UI changes

Removing label improved layout

Merge branch 'master' of

LDEV-4611: minor UI changes

LDEV-4501 adding missing labels

LDEV-4605: Adding country list in Greek

LDEV-4605: Adding country list in Greek

LDEV-4605: Adding country list in Spanish

Adding country list in Español

LDEV-4605 adding missing country/territory

I forgot to include BQ = Bonaire, Saint Eustatius and Saba. Glad no one noticed ;-)

LDEV-4593: small UI changes

Adding a new label to explain the scope of minor changes to policies

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CLOUD-88: Ooopss

Sorry, didn't mean to commit these two files.

CLOUD-88: removing flash tutorial video

removing flash video replace it with youtube streaming instead

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CLOUD-88: get rid of the flash video

Change it to youtube streaming instead

LDEV-4054: Updating labels in various projects

English, Spanish and Greek

LDEV-4588: adding removing labels

In English, Greek and Spanish

LDEV-4596: Letters should also display when reviewing questions

Small layout fix

LDEV-3115: Missing label for sequence detail

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LDEV-4054: Updating and fixing labels

There's quite a lot of work required with labels and it's not jsut translations but rearringing them according to language, string lenght, etc. Also we shouild be more accurate in naming users. When we are referring to students, we should call them students instead of users. Quite a few of these instances in this commit

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LDEV-4459: small formatting change

LDEV-4054: Adding template labels

Previously removed by accidents as they aren't in i18n yet

LDEV-4054: Updating labels

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LDEV-4054: updating labels

Mainly Spanish and a little bit of Greek and Norwegian

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LDEV-4054: Updating Greek and English

LDEV-4577: minor UI improvement

Adding a heading to feedback options in advanced tab authoring